Better understanding of the scope and nature of LGBTQA+ religious conversion practices will support recovery


Australian states and territories have recently moved to ban practices aimed at changing or suppressing the sexuality or gender identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual or gender and sexually diverse (LGBTQA+) people, often referred to as “conversion practices”.

This legislative trend mirrors global recognition of the harms caused by conversion practices and is supported by the 2021 Australian Medical Association’s position statement on 'LGBTQIA+ health', which calls on state and territory governments to “ban coercive ‘conversion’ practices”.

This MJA Perspective shares more. To read the 2021 Australian Medical Association’s position statement on 'LGBTQIA+ health', available on doctorportal Learning, please click here.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain key components of the perspective.
  2. List main findings.
  3. Recognise changes in management in response to the perspective.


Authors: Jennifer Power, Timothy W Jones, Tiffany Jones, Nathan Despott, Maria Pallotta‐Chiarolli and Joel Anderson

Article Type: Perspective


Medical Journal of Australia
Reading: journal; textbook; book; literature review
1h : 0m
MBA: 1h : 0m
Sexual Health
Medical Practitioner, Medical Student, Doctor-in-Training, Non-Vocationally Registered, Psychologist, Researcher, Retired, Specialist - Other, Specialist General Practitioner
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