Relieving the Pressure: New Australian hypertension guideline


This module presents the MJA article, Relieving the Pressure: new Australian hypertension guideline, MJA 205 (2) 18 July 2016.

The National Blood Pressure and Vascular Disease Advisory Committee has updated the Guide to management of hypertension 2008: assessing and managing raised blood pressure in adults to equip health professionals across the Australian healthcare system, especially those within primary care and community services, with the latest evidence to prevent, detect and manager hypertension.

By completing this module you will recognise current evidence behind hypertension, discuss reasons for these changes, and appropriately identify patients with risk factors.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise current evidence behind hypertension
  2. Discuss reasons for the changes
  3. Appropriately identify patients with risk factors


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Cardiovascular Diseases

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